Heaton A Water Polo Team Finishes in Style!


What a brilliant way to finish the 2019 season for the Heaton A Water Polo team! 

This group of enthusiastic & dedicated Heaton athletes made tremendous improvements over the past two years, & we are extremely proud of what they have achieved. The last game of the season was the playoff for 3rd/4th place in the ChCh A Grade Competition, with Heaton coming away convincing winners against Casebrook Intermediate. A massive thank you to Vanessa for her support with coaching and training the team, this would not have been possible without your support.

Canterbury AIMS Athletics Championships 2019

Congratulations to our amazing Heaton representative athletics team for 2019! We are so proud of your efforts, achievements and the attitude you displayed at Nga Puna Wai.

We would also like to thank our catering helpers, sports leaders, Mrs Smeele, Mrs Feneon, Mrs Dore and Mrs Noble-Laffey for all of your preparation and hard work. As the host school for 2019 there were a lot of wheels in motion leading up to and during the event, and your dedication and efforts ensured it was smooth sailing for our participants. 

Year 7 Results

  • Max A (Rm 6) –  Year 7 Boys 1st Place (1500m)
  • Lulu I (Rm 5) – Year 7 Girls 1st Place (1500m)
  • Sam F (Rm 1) – Year 7 Boys 3rd Place (100m)
  • Akira L (Rm 3) – Year 7 Girls 2nd Place (100m)
  • Ava G (Rm 21) – Year 7 Girls 3rd Place (100m)
  • Hiro F (Rm 2) – Year 7 Boys 1st Place (800m)
  • Ava G (Rm 21) – Year 7 Girls 1st Place (Long Jump)
  • Girls’ Year 7 4 x 100m Relay – 1st Place
  • Boys’ Year 7 4 x 100m Relay – 1st Place

Year 8 Results

  • Kate C (Rm 15) – Year 8 Girls 1st Place (1500m)
  • Ollie S (Rm 10) – Open 200m Boys 2nd Place
  • Hannah S (Rm 9) – Year 8 Girls 2nd Place (100m)
  • Ollie S (Rm 10) – Year 8 Boys 1st Place (800m)
  • Josh T (Rm 15) – Year 8 Boys 2nd Place (800m)
  • Milan M-M (Rm 8) – Year 8 Boys 3rd Place (800m)
  • Will H (Rm 17) – Year 8 Boys 1st Place (100m)
  • Hannah S (Rm 9) – Year 8 Girls 3rd Place (High Jump)
  • Walter S (Rm 14) – Year 8 Boys 1st Place (High Jump) New Record
  • James M (Rm 16) Year 8 Boys 2nd Place (High Jump)
  • Will H (Rm 17) – Year 8 Boys 1st Place (Long Jump)
  • Walter S (Rm 14) – Year 8 Boys 2nd Place (Shot Put)
  • James M (Rm 16) Year 8 Boys 1st Place (Shot Put)
  • James M (Rm 16) Year 8 Boys 2nd Place (Discus)
  • Will H (Rm 17) – Year 8 Boys 3rd Place (Discus)

Inter-Schools Triathlon 2019

Date: Wednesday 29 November 2019

Venue: Pegasus Town

Reporting & Event Times: Reporting time for participants and marshals is 9:45am, and all competitors must arrive promptly. Due to the high volume of traffic and parking, we would like all Heaton participants to ensure they arrive no later than 9:30am. Race briefing will commence immediately after reporting at 10am. The first race will commence by 10.30am. It is unlikely that any competitors who report late will be accepted for racing.

Collecting Bikes: All bikes must be left in transition until all competitors in all age groups have finished their races.

Cancellation: Any cancellation information will be posted on the P.S.C Website (www.primarysportscanterbury.org.nz). There is no postponement date, so a cancellation will not occur unless the weather conditions are extreme.

Transportation: Caregivers and students have indicated that they can provide transport for their son/daughter both to/from the event. Mr Evers will be providing transport for Michelle (Rm 14), who is required to meet at the Heaton Flagpole by 8:15am

Equipment Requirements:

  • All Triathlon race equipment i.e. bike, helmet, togs etc.
  • Heaton PE Kit with Hat
  • Packed lunch with healthy snacks & water bottle
  • All relevant medication e.g. ventolin
  • Spare clothes
  • Sun protection
  • Weatherproof jacket (please check the forecast the night before as we have had very wet weather in previous events)

Additional Information (please read carefully):

Triathlon Briefing Notes 2019
Triathlon Event Information 2019
Course Map and Details 2019

Canterbury AIMS Athletics Championships 2019

Congratulations on being selected to represent our school at the 2019 CAIMS Athletics Championships. Please ensure you read the following information carefully and show your parents/caregivers, so you are both up to speed about all event details.

Date: Tuesday 19th November
Venue: Nga Puna Wai
Meeting Time: 

Students are required to meet Mr Evers promptly at 7:30am in the Heaton Hall.Students will be transported to/from the venue in a coach or the Heaton vans. If your parents/caregivers would like to transport you directly to the venue in a private vehicle, you must inform Mr. Evers via email (everst@heaton.school.nz) before 5:00pm on Sunday 17th November.

Student Participation List (with events):
Heaton Representative Athletics Team 2019

If for any reason you cannot take part in this event, please contact Mr Evers before 5:00pm on Sunday 17th November, so he can make the necessary changes to the Heaton team


Participation in this event will incur a cost that covers transportation to/from the venue (if applicable). This cost will be added to your Heaton account.

Equipment Requirements:
  • Heaton PE Kit (w / Heaton cap)
  • Packed lunch with plenty of healthy snacks
  • Sun protection
  • Appropriate footwear
  • School jersey and/or weatherproof jacket in the event of colder weather
  • Water bottle
  • All relevant personal medication e.g. Ventolin, Epipen
Additional Information and Resources:

National Primary Cricket Shield – Canterbury Regional finals 2019

The location and timings have now been finalised for The Canterbury Regional Finals. A huge thank you to Barry and our students for their continued dedication and hard work, we are really proud of you all. Please ensure you read the following information carefully with your parents/caregivers, so you are up to speed with all relevant tournament details.

Tournament Dates: 

Thursday 31st October and Friday 1st November 2019


Hagley Polo grounds – All games are played on artificial pitches, no spikes to be worn. Please note Pitches 3 and 4 are the ones nearest the tree-line which will provide the best shelter and parking.

Game Start Times:

Morning games commence at 10.30am and afternoon games at 1.30pm (if both teams agree to start the afternoon game earlier that is okay)

Finish Time (Thursday):

The second game on Thursday is expected to finish at approx. 4:00pm. Students can be collect by their parents/caregivers directly from the venue at this time, or students can be transported back to Heaton. If you do collect your daughter from the venue, please ensure you sign out with the Heaton staff member before leaving

Meeting Time/Location:

Students are required to meet in the canteen foyer (outside the LRC entrance) at 8:40am on both competition days. Please note, students should arrive at school in their cricket whites, Heaton cricket top and be wearing their Heaton cap. Students will be transported to and from the venue in the Heaton vans.


Tournament Information 2019
Draw for 2019 Primary Shield

Injuries / Availability: 

If you have any injury concerns, sickness or you cannot participate on either Thursday or Friday, please contact Mr. Evers or Barry asap.

Participants (who is taking part):

  • Emily D (Room 2)
  • Lily Y (Room 5)
  • Kate S (Room 7)
  • Lucy E (Room 7)
  • Lexie R (Room 9)
  • Eden N (Room 10)
  • Kate C (Room 17)
  • Ava D (Room 18)
  • Aiofe M (Room 18)
  • Millie M (Room 18)
  • Millie S (Room 19)

Equipment Requirements:

  • All relevant cricket equipment e.g. pads, bat, gloves
  • Cricket Kit (whites, Heaton PE Top and Heaton Hat)
  • Heaton PE top to have as a spare
  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Packed lunch with plenty of healthy snacks (no chewing gum, fizzy drinks etc.)
  • All relevant personal medication e.g. EpiPen, Ventolin etc.
  • Sunscreen


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mr Evers via email (everst@heaton.school.nz) as he will be out of school on Thursday with the Heaton athletics day.

ChCh Girls Cricket Final v STAC

The following 10 students will be involved in the hardball 20/20 match again STAC on Tuesday 22nd October. Please read the information below carefully so you are up to speed about the match organisation.


Tuesday 22nd October (week 2)


Elmwood Park – Artificial Pitch

Meeting Time:

Students are required to meet promptly at the Heaton flagpole at 11:30am. Students must be in their cricket kit (Heaton Hat, Heaton Cricket Playing Top & Whites). Students will have a register marked by a Heaton teacher, and then be walked next door to Elmwood Park to meet coach Barry. Please ensure you bring your bags, scooters etc. with you to Elmwood Park, as if the match concludes after 3pm you can go directly home from the venue with parents/caregivers.

Match Time:

12:30pm – 3:30pm (approx.)

Participants (who is taking part):
  • Emily D (Room 2)
  • Lily Y (Room 5)
  • Kate S (Room 7)
  • Lucy E (Room 7)
  • Lexie Rouse (Room 9)
  • Kate C (Room 17)
  • Ava D (Room 18)
  • Aiofe M (Room 18)
  • Millie M (Room 18)
  • Millie S (Room 19)
Equipment Requirements:
  • All relevant cricket equipment e.g. pads, bat, gloves
  • Cricket Kit (whites, Heaton PE Top and Heaton Hat)
  • Heaton PE top to have as a spare
  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Packed lunch with plenty of healthy snacks (no chewing gum, fizzy drinks etc.)
  • All relevant personal medication e.g. EpiPen, Ventolin etc.
  • Sunscreen

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mr Evers via email (everst@heaton.school.nz) as he will be out of school on Monday and Tuesday for a basketball tournament.

Heaton Athletics Days 2019

CAIMS Weekly Summer Sport Competition 2019

Competition Dates:
  • Tuesday 15th October (week 1)
  • No Games in week 2 due to Indoor Tournament
  • Tuesday 29th October (week 3)
  • Tuesday 5th November (week 4)
  • Tuesday 12th November (week 5)
  • No Games in week 6 due to Inter-Schools Athletics
  • Tuesday 26th November (week 7)
  • Tuesday 3rd December (week 8)
Game Times:

Game(s) are played from 1:30pm – 2:15pm each week.


TOUCH: games will be played at North Hagley Park (just at the end of Kilmarnock St) and over onto the ‘triangle’ at the end of Riccarton Road. Please access the following link for the pitch maps: North Hagley Touch Fields (Map) 2019

FUTSAL: games will be played at the South Hagley Park Netball Courts. Please access the following link for the pitch maps: Futsal Courts (Hagley Park Map) 2019

ULTIMATE FRISBEE & SOFTBALL: games will be played at South Hagley Park. Please access the following link for the pitch maps: Softball and Ultimate Frisbee Fields (Maps) 2019

CRICKET: Boys cricket games will be played on the artificial pitches at the South Hagley Park Polo Grounds (football fields). Girls Cricket games will be played at South Hagley Park on the Hospital Corner pitches. Please access the following link for the pitch maps: Cricket Pitch Maps 2019 (Polo Grounds & Hospital Corner)

Weekly Draws:

Coaches, parents and students can access weekly draws via the ‘Sports Draws’ tab on our Heaton Sport Blog: 2019 Sports Draws

Student Behaviour & Expectations:

It is a privilege to represent our school in competitive sport. All participants must read and follow our school code of conduct: Heaton Sport Code of Conduct (CARE)

Meeting Times / Locations & Bus Organisation:

All students must eat lunch in their designated house areas, and then meet their coaches at 12:45pm in the following locations. Please be prompt, line up in your teams and wait respectfully for your coaches so we can arrive with sufficient time to warm up and get prepared.

  • Touch & Girls Cricket: meet in the hall (Touch/Cricket have 2 x 49 seater buses)
  • Ultimate Frisbee: meet in the hall quad (Ultimate Frisbee have 1 x 49 seater bus)
  • Futsal & Softball: meet on the outdoor basketball court (Futsal/Softball have 2 x 49 seater buses)
  • Boys Cricket: meet at the Heaton flagpole (cricket will have a Heaton van)

Coaches must ensure they leave a photocopy of your register with at reception, so we can monitor which students are offsite.

Teacher Supervisors:
  • Softball: Ms Green & Mr Greaves
  • Boys Cricket: Mr Evers & Mr Brown
  • Girls Cricket: Miss Caygill
  • Touch: Miss Just & Miss Seales
  • Futsal: Miss Clarkson & Mr Naidoo
  • Ultimate Frisbee: Mr Cooper and Mrs Calder
Heaton Sport Safety Policy:

All participants, caregivers and coaches must ensure they read the following document carefully: Heaton Safety Policy for School & Representative Sport

Medical Kits:

Coaches must collect their sport/team medical kit from the front office. These can be keep for the duration of the summer sport season. Please see Marg or Sue to replenish any supplies that are used. Basic first aid equipment and ice packs will be available for Heaton students during their matches.


Coaches must keep a copy of all scores and add these to the document at reception when you return to Heaton. We add our sport scores to the school newsletter, and have to input these to P.S.C within 24 hours, so your assistance with this is greatly appreciated. Keeping score cards is also very important if there is a need to dispute a result.

Equipment Requirements:

Students must ensure they have their PE Kit / Sports Uniform (including Heaton hat), appropriate footwear/boots, specialised sports equipment (pads, bat, gloves etc.) and a water bottle. It is your personal responsibility to ensure you have all the correct equipment so please be organised.


The PSC Sports Director, in conjunction with the ChCh City Council will make any decisions regarding cancellations due to weather or pitch/court conditions. These decisions will be make by 11:30am, and any information will be updated to the school daily notices, and sent out via the Heaton App.


Participation in a Heaton team will involve a cost to cover transportation, and this will be added to your school account. If you require any clarification regarding this process or have any questions, please contact our Executive Officer directly: Anne-Marie Grigg (grigga@heaton.school.nz).

Aims Games Championships 2019



The 2019 Anchor AIMS Games was an event of epic proportions. There were over 11,500 competitors who were representing 365 schools from throughout New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific. These staggering participation numbers place it ahead of the number of athletes that competed in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio!

Heaton were superbly represented by two sports teams (Girls’ 11-a-side Hockey & Boys’ Basketball) and 9 individuals who competed in BMX, Squash, Cross Country, Swimming, Gym-sports, Golf and Multisport. Our Heaton athletes have worked tirelessly over the past six months to prepare for this tournament, and have been wonderfully supported by their coaches, parents, family and teachers. I would  personally like to take this opportunity to thank Miss Seales, Mrs Dore and Mrs Newton for all of their efforts, energy and expertise. Without you, this opportunity would not be possible for our athletes.

I would like to congratulate all of our students for their individual and team success. We are extremely impressed with both the personal and sporting development that occurred during your week in Tauranga. You have all made yourselves, our school and your families very proud! We are so pleased that all of your hard work, sacrifice and efforts have been rewarded.

Our Heaton Hockey Team (affectionally dubbed the frogs) have been crowned Aims Games Champions, bringing home the 11-a-side Hockey cup with a perfect 8 wins from 8 games. Lauren S (Room 8) has also added to her impressive national tournament successes with a bronze medal win ( only .3 points behind the gold medal). With other personal best performances, many top 10 finishes and amazing improvements, this years Aims Games was a spectacular success.

Being on 2020!

CAIMS 11-a-side Hockey & Rugby 7’s Tournament 2019


What a brilliant way to end the winter sport season!

The Canterbury Aims 11-a-side Hockey and Rugby 7’s tournament was a huge success this year, with 68 Heaton students involved across five teams. We are extremely proud of the improvements that each team made throughout the tournament day, and for the positive way in which they approached all games.

We would like to congratulate our Heaton Gold Rugby and Heaton Girls’ Hockey teams, who won their respective tournaments without losing a match. We would also like to recognise the brilliant performances of our Heaton Green Rugby team who finished in 4th place, and Heaton Gold Mixed hockey team who finished in 3rd place.

A big thank you must also go out to our staff and parent/caregiver coaches for their continued support. Your efforts throughout the whole winter season have been absolutely fantastic!

2019 Invitational Rugby 7’s & Hockey Tournament Day

Date: Tuesday 20th August

Structure: Full day tournament (during the school day)

Heaton Teams (Who is taking part?): 

Heaton Rugby 7’s & Hockey Teams

Meeting Time: All participants are required to meet promptly at 8:00am in the school hall for the morning roll. Students will return to Heaton by the end of the school day.

Draws: Draws (Hockey and Rugby)

Location: Nunweek Park

Representative Sports Code of Conduct: Heaton Code of Conduct (CARE)

Supervising Adults:

  • Rugby: Marc, Jane & Ms Clarkson 
  • Hockey: Mr Evers, Mrs Dore, Miss Seales & Mrs Cumming

Equipment Requirements:

  • Packed lunch with plenty of healthy snacks
  • Water bottle
  • Mouthguard
  • Warm Jacket to wear in between games
  • Appropriate Footwear (Rugby Boots / Hockey Shoes)
  • Representative Heaton Sports Kit (Rugby Kit or Hockey Kit)
  • All personal medication e.g. Ventolin, Epipen
  • Bag to store any muddy equipment (Rugby)

Production Students: All highlighted production students will begin the day at school  as you will have a rehearsal. You will then be collected by Mrs Dore at 11:00am so you can attend the tournament for the remainder of the day.

Cost: Participation in this tournament will incur a cost that covers return transportation and tournament entry fees. This cost will be added to your school account. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Anne Marie Grigg (grigga@heaton.school.nz)

Heaton A Make a Splash at 2019 Canterbury Tournament


We would like to recognise the brilliant efforts of our Heaton A Water Polo team at this years Canterbury Water Polo Championships. Our Heaton team produced some absolutely fantastic performances across the two competition days, finishing in 3rd place in the A-Grade Competition. A huge congratulations to all of our players and coach Vanessa for the continued progress and development of this great group of athletes.



Canterbury Yr.7/8 Water Polo Tournament 2019

TOURNAMENT DATES: Friday 9th and Sunday 11th August

DRAW AND LOCATIONS: Games will be running across two pools (Jellie Park and Taiora QE2). Please check the draw below for specific game venue and timings:

Tournament Draw 2019

MEETING TIMES: Players are required to meet Vanessa directly at Jellie Park on Friday 9th @ 8:30am. If you are having difficulty with transport organisation, please contact Vanessa and Mr Evers via email


  • Games will be 30mins 4×5 Min Quarters. There will Limited warm up time but longer game time
  • All of our Friday games will all be held at Jellie Park
  • Our Heaton team will also have duty responsibilities throughout the tournament (similar to Monday evenings where 5 players and 1 adult are required)
  • Our Team must meet Vanessa poolside 20 minutes before each game and 10 minutes before each duty
  • When not competing, students must be wearing their Heaton PE kit over the top of their togs, so they are easily identified throughout the competition
  • Medals will be awarded to 1st place teams only in both A and B grades, with Most Valuable Players selected in both grades
  • By entering the Canterbury Water Polo Year 7&8 Canterbury Championship parents/caregivers agree to a media release where CWP may use photo’s taken for promotional material in the CWP circles and media platforms. If any of our Heaton parents/caregivers do not consent to the CWP media release, you must contact Tim Evers (everst@heaton.school.nz) before Wednesday 7th August
  • Our Heaton A team will be supervised for the duration of the tournament by Vanessa (parent coach), who will be provided with parent contact details, emergency contact details and medical information. During the Friday games at Jellie Park, students will remain at the venue in between games and for the duration of the day. If you need to leave the venue, it must be with your parent/caregiver and this must be communicated with your coach


  • Niamh I (Rm 9)
  • Robbie C (Rm 10)
  • Eve N (Rm 11)
  • Ana W (Rm 14)
  • Matilda O (Rm 15)
  • Josh F (Rm 16)
  • Anika T (Rm 16)
  • Dallas I (Rm 17)
  • Kate C (Rm 17)
  • Zavier T (Rm 18)

Cross Country Championships 2019

It was a beautiful sunny winters day for this years Primary/Intermediates Cross Country Championships, held at the Halswell Quarry. Forty Heaton students (20 in each year level) qualified and participated in this event, and represented our school with desire, grit and a fantastic spirit. We are so incredibly proud of your efforts and achievements!

We would also like to recognise the supervision and marshalling support from Mrs Dore, Miss Scott, Josh F and Josh T. Thank you for giving up your time for our athletes.

A special congratulations must go out to our four athletes who finished in the top 10 of their respective races. These students have qualified to represent Canterbury in the Inter-Regional Cross Country Event (IRXC 2019) Phil Costley Shield, where Canterbury will battle it out against Tasman, Wellington and South Canterbury.

Year 7 Girls (188 Competitors)

Lucia I – 9th Place Overall (12:36 minutes)

Year 7 Boys (189 Competitors)

Maxwell A – 6th Place Overall (11:25 minutes)

Year 8 Girls (186 Competitors)

Kate C – 3rd Place Overall (11:36 minutes)

Year 8 Boys (181 Competitors)

Hamish G – 5th Place Overall (11:13 minutes)

Artistic Gymnastics Championships 2019

Congratulations to our six students who represented Heaton in the 2019 Inter-Schools Artistic Gymnastics Championships. Your individual dedication, training and hard work certainly paid off, and we are incredibly proud of your efforts and enthusiasm.



  • Rico R (Room 15): 3rd Place Overall (Floor – 3rd / P-Bar – 3rd / H-Bar – 3rd)


  • Thomas E (Room 5): 3rd Place – Rings


  • Sienna O’B (Room 17): 3rd Place – Beam
  • Millie W (Rm 11) – Participation


  • Jermaine L (Room 10): 2nd Place Overall (Beam – 2nd / Bars – 1st)


  • Alana H (Room 5): 3rd Place – Vault

Cross Country Championships 2019

59c68b06eb63f.imageDate: Wednesday 19th June (Postponement date: 26th June)

Venue: Halswell Quarry

Supervisors: Mr Evers, Miss Scott (Rm 10), Mrs Newton

Team List (Who is taking part?):

Heaton Cross Country Team 2019
  • Morgan C (Room 2) will be running under the name Ashton C (who will be absent)
  • Lexie R (Room 9) will be running under the name Kaiyah R (who will be absent)
  • Josh D (Room 21) will be running under the name Felix N (who will be absent)
  • Jorja S (Room 8) will be running under the name Hannah C (who will be absent)

Meeting Time: All students are required to meet Mr. Evers in the Heaton hall when the 8:40am bell sounds. The team bus will depart promptly at 8:55am so please ensure you are organised.

Event Times (approx):

  • Year 7 Girls (3km) – 11:10am start time
  • Year 7 Boys (3km) – 11:25am start time
  • Year 8 Girls (3km) – 11:40am start time
  • Year 8 Boys (3km) – 11:55am start time

Marshalling Assistance: If you are attending the event to watch and support your son/daughter and you are able to assist Mr Evers with marshaling duties, please contact him prior to Friday 14th June (everst@heaton.school.nz). Any support would be greatly appreciated

Cost: Participation in the cross country will incur a cost that covers the return bus trip to Halswell Quarry. This will be added to your school account. If you have questions or concerns please contact our Executive Office, Anne Marie (grigga@heaton.school.nz)

Maps / Rules / Information:

Cross Country Map 2019
Cross Country Information 2019

Equipment Requirements: Please note, no spikes can be used for this event

  • Heaton PE Kit
  • Packed lunch with sufficient healthy snacks
  • Lots of water
  • All relevant personal medication e.g. ventolin, epipen
  • Tracksuit pants, a weatherproof jacket and warm-over garment top
  • Spare shoes
  • Plastic bag to transport any wet or muddy clothing

Additional Information: If for any reason you no longer wish to take part or are sick on the day of the event, please email Mr. Evers asap so the opportunity can be offered to another student.

Tuesday Sport Reports: Ben P (Rm 11)

Football Programme

On Tuesday 11th June a game of Football was held at Elmwood Park as part of the Tuesday Sport Program. The students were divided into four groups where each group played their own football game to prevent overcrowding. The games were run by St Andrews school graduates, as part of the St Albans Shirley Football Club. It was great to hear the students enjoying themselves and loving their football.

Youthtown –  Ki-o-Rahi Game

On Tuesday 28th May, a full on game of Ki-o-Rahi took place on the Heaton field as part of the Tuesday sport program, run by youth organisation Youthtown. Ki-o-Rahi is a fast-paced ball sport played in New Zealand where two teams of seven players play on a circular field divided into zones. Teams score points by touching the ‘pou’ (boundary markers) and hitting a central ‘tupu’ or target. It was an epic, fun packed game.

Heaton Cross Country 2019

A massive congratulations to all of our Heaton students for their efforts and enthusiasm at the 2019 school cross country. The event was fantastically organised and coordinated by our dedicated Heaton Sport Leaders, who did a superb job both in preparation and on the race day.

The top 10 students in each age group will now compete in the Primary/Intermediate School Cross Country Championships, held at Halswell Quarry on Wednesday 19th June. We would also like to recognise the achievements of those students who finished in the top 3 of their respective races:

Year 7 Boys 

  1. Max A (11:36)
  2. Hiro F (12:21)
  3. Isaac S (12:25)

Year 7 Girls

  1. Lucia I (12:26)
  2. Ella H (12:41)
  3. Lara M (13:18)

Year 8 Boys

  1. Hamish G (11:34)
  2. Milan M (11:46)
  3. Korban C (12:00)

Year 8 Girls

  1. Kate C (12:19)
  2. Eden N (12:52)
  3. Kaiyah R (12:56)
  • Year 7: 1st (Rhodes 155 points) / 2nd (Elmwood 137 Points) / 3rd (Otahuna 132 Points)
  • Year 8: 1st (Tikao 169 points) / 2nd (Lansdowne 161 Points) / 3rd (Purau 116 Points)

Heaton Cross Country 2019

The Heaton cross country races will be a fun house event that focuses on participation and involvement. All students are expected to take part in their designated race. 

DATE:Thursday 6th June 2019 (Postponement date: 7th June)

VENUE: Heaton Intermediate Fields / Elmwood Park (reserve course)

MARSHALING: The race will be organised, timed, marshaled etc. by our Heaton sports leaders. Year 7 Sports leaders will coordinate the year 8 races, and year 8 sports leaders will coordinate the year 7 races. This event provides an opportunity for our sports leaders to take on the responsibility of coordinating a race, so please be patient and considerate.

EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS (WHAT DO I WEAR?): Students must ensure they have the following equipment with them on race day

  • Heaton PE Kit (shorts and shirt)
  • Suitable running shoes – some of the course will be on paths so no spikes
  • Water bottle
  • Warm Jacket to wear prior and after your race
  • Coloured house shirt (if students wish to run in their house colours)
  • All relevant personal medication e.g. ventolin

COMPETITIONS: The Heaton Cross Country is a shield event. Students will earn the following house points for taking part, and for their final placings:

  • 1st = 20 points
  • 2nd = 15 points
  • 3rd = 10 points
  • 4th – 10th = 5 points
  • 11th- 20th = 3 points
  • 21st – 30th = 2 points
  • 31st + = 1 point

Based on the race results (placings and times), the top 10 students from each gender/year level will be invited to represent Heaton at the Cross Country Championships, held at the Halswell Quarry on Wednesday 19th June


  • Sports Leaders:All sports leaders are required to meet Mr Evers outside the PE shed at 8:00am. Please be prompt as we need to mark out and set up the course
  • Year 7:All year 7 classes are required to meet at the adventure playground by 9:00am. Please line up in your gender and house groups (signs will direct students where to meet).
  • Year 8: All year 8 classes are required to meet at the adventure playground by 10:50am. Please line up in your gender and house groups (signs will direct students where to meet).

RACE TIMES: Please note that race times may be subject to change depending on weather, finish times etc.

  • Year 7 Boys: 9:15am
  • Year 7 Girls: 9:40am
  • Year 8 Boys: 11:00am
  • Year 8 Girls: 11:25am

Heaton Cross Country Map 2019

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 11.09.01 AM

Map Directions / Key / Information

  • Runners start at the green triangle (this area will be clearly marked out and have our sports leaders stationed to direct students)
  • Students will run 2 x full clockwise laps of the red track. Students must make sure they head right when they get close to the Elmwood Park sand, and head up towards St Andrews.
  • On the third lap, students will cut in close to the netball courts, and finish back at the starting position (red triangle)
Heaton (Reserve/Back Up) Course – in the event our fields are flooded

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 11.21.24 AM

Map Directions / Key / Information

  • Runners start at the green triangle (this area will be clearly marked out and have our sports leaders stationed to direct students) and run three clockwise maps of Elmwood Park.
  • Students will finish the race back at the starting position (red square)

2019 Basketball Training Schedule

  • Before school (7:40am): Hawks and Hammerheads Combined Training (Tim)
  • Lunch (12:45pm): Harriers and Herons Combined Training (Tim)


  • Before school (7:40am): Hawks (Tim)
  • After school (3:15pm): Hurricanes (Guy/Eamon)
  • Lunch (12:45pm): Hammerheads (Tim)
  • Lunch (12:45pm): Hyenas (Boss)
  • After school (3:15pm): Hornets (Connor)
  • After school (3:15pm): Huskies (Jacob)


  • Lunch (12:45pm): Harriers and Herons Combined Training (Tim)

Students have an expectation to attend their weekly training session and coaches will be keeping an attendance register. If you cannot attend your training session, you must email your coach to let them know, and try to make the training session of your buddy team (please see below):

Buddy Teams

  • Hornets and Huskies
  • Hurricanes and Hyenas
  • Hawks and Hammerheads
  • Harriers and Herons

Coach Emails (if you cannot attend a training or game, please email)

  • Mr Evers (Hawks, Hammerheads, Harriers, Herons) – everst@heaton.school.nz
  • Mr Phanpho (Hyenas) – phanphob@heaton.school.nz
  • Hornets (Connor) – cne8958@stacmail.net
  • Huskies (Jacob) – HowisonJI17@student.cbhs.school.nz
  • Hurricanes (Guy & Eamon) – gda0454@stacmail.net & ene2775@stacmail.net

Basketball Draws

Please select the link below to access the weekly Bishopdale Basketball Draw. Students must arrive 15 minutes before tip off so they can meet with your coaches.

If you are unable to make a game, you must communicate this with Mr Evers via email (everst@heaton.school.nz) so your coaches are aware of how many students will be in attendance.

Remember to bring your mouthguard each week, as players will not be taking the court without it.

Final Basketball Games 2019

A reminder that students must hand in their basketball singlet following their game (except for the Heaton Hawks and Heaton Harriers). 

2019 Weekly Winter Sport Teams & Initial Information

I would like to recognise the fantastic efforts from all of our Heaton students who trialled for a weekly winter sport team this year, and our dedicated teachers/coaches who coordinated the sessions. If you are named in a squad, your specific team will be decided over the course of the next week, and this will be communicated to you by your coaches before the first game. If you have been named in a team however no longer wish to take part, or discover that your name has been listed in multiple teams, please email Mr Evers asap (everst@heaton.school.nz) so alterations can be made.

Confirmed 2019 Heaton Teams

Mr Evers is currently in negotiation with some outside sport providers (rugby, netball, yoga, youth-town etc.), so we can offer some specialist sport programmes for students who will be remaining back at school on Tuesday afternoons. Any student who has missed out on selection or who did not register for trials will have the option of signing up for these specific programmes later this week. School sport programmes will also be coordinated during this time for any student who would prefer this option.

As soon as all of our teams are finalised, a blog post will be created that outlines meeting times, equipment requirements, venues, maps, rules, costs etc. so please ensure you check in regularly this week so you are prepared for our start on Tuesday 14th May.

Heaton Basketball Teams 2019

A huge thank you to all students who registered and took part in basketball trials over the last few weeks. The attitude and performances were fantastic and we are really excited for the season ahead.

As I mentioned at trials, if you were unsuccessful in making a team this year and you are still very interested in taking part, please come and see Mr Evers and he can link you with a team to train with. This way, if we have any injuries, illness or absences there may be scope for you to play some Friday evening games.

Heaton Basketball Teams 2019


The first week of trainings will be combined so we can finalise a few details. Please look at the schedule below so you are aware of when and where you need to meet next week.

  • Monday 6th May before school (7:45am, Heaton Hall) – Hawks and Hammerheads
  • Monday 6th May @ lunchtime (12:45pm, Heaton Hall) – All girls players
  • Wednesday 8th May before school (7:45am, Heaton Hall) – Huskies and Hornets
  • Wednesday 8th May @ lunchtime (12:45pm, Heaton Hall) – Hyenas and Hurricanes


Mt Huxster’s Mountain Bike Race 2019

The Mt Huxter’s MTB race mission states that they want to get people riding bikes everyday, and always be happy when on a bike. We think the pictures above support this one hundred percent!

A huge congratulations to all of our Heaton competitors who braved the bitter cold and heavy rain to compete in the 2019 Mt Huxter’s Mountain Bike Challenge. The results of our Heaton athletes can be found below, with the first number indicating their overall placing in an individual or pairs respective races.

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 9.55.45 PM

Inter-Schools Duathlon 2019


Congratulations to all 24 Heaton students who competed brilliantly in the 2019 Inter-Schools Duathlon. There were a record number of participants in this event so competition was at an all time high. We would also like to recognise the notable performances of the following students, who finished in the top 10 of their respective races:

Year 7 Boys 

  • Josh D (34 minutes 27 seconds) – 8th Overall

Year 8 Boys

  • Hamish G (30 minutes 48 seconds) – 8th Overall
  • Will H (30 minutes 59 seconds) – 9th Overall

Year 8 Girls

  • Kate C (33 minutes 38 seconds) – 10th Overall

For a full results list, please select the following link: 2019 Duathlon Results

Water Polo kicks off for 2019

With five water polo teams competing this term, interest at Heaton is at an all time high. A big thank to Vanessa and our ex Heaton students (Lucy, Isaac, Alex and Caleb), who have taken on coaching responsibilities and are sharing their expertise and passion with our Heaton teams.

Best of luck for the next six weeks students and have fun!

Canterbury Triathlon 2019


The 2019 Inter-Schools Triathlon was a huge success for our Heaton team, which consisted of 12 athletes. All students did an amazing job in very hot conditions, and should be extremely proud of their efforts and achievements.

A special mention must go out to our three students who finished in the top 10 of their age group races:

  • Alf M (Room 5): 10th – 35:18 minutes
  • Hamish G (Room 10): 4th – 32:24 minutes
  • Kate C (Room 15): 9th – 35:21 minutes

A big thank you to Mrs Newton, Mrs Calder, Bek Markham and all caregivers who provided assistance, support and transportation for our Heaton team.

Heaton Girls Bring Home the National Shield!



What a spectacular way to finish the cricket season! We are so proud of our Heaton Girls 1st XI , who have been crowned National Champions for 2019. With wins over Tawa, Ellesmere College, Balmacewen, Remuera Intermediate & Sacred Heart, our Heaton team went a perfect 5 wins from 5 matches.

The Heaton girls have put in a huge amount of effort for the whole season, and have been rewarded for their dedication and hard work. As a school, we would also like to recognise the amazing contributions of our coach Barry van Beurten. Barry has worked with our teams for many years, and his tireless efforts and enthusiasm have been nothing short of extraordinary. We would also like to thank Ms Caygill and Mrs Edge for all of their support throughout the season.

Game 1  : Heaton 103 beat Tawa 36

The outfield was slow and boundaries fairly large. We lost the toss and were asked to bat against the top team from Wellington. Lucy and Kate C got us off to a solid start of 45 at drinks without losing a wicket. At drinks the decision was made to be a lot more aggressive and try and get towards 130. Almost immediately this resulted in Kate C (16) being run out. Lexie came out and with typical aggression took on the bowlers scoring 5 in as many balls before being bowled by Wellingtons best bowler – a leg spinner. Lucy went in the 12th over due to a good catch and were 65-4. This bought Emily D (8) and Lily Y (16) to the crease. Millie S came in and scored a good 7 while the last 3 batters did not trouble the scorers much. So all in all we were 20-30 short of what we wanted – but our run rate did not slow as we lost wickets. And we got to three figures!

There was a quiet confidence amongst the Heaton supporters that this total might be enough. Eden bowled very well conceding just 5 runs from her 3 overs and claiming one of the openers. By the 6th over things were starting to feel a bit tense as Tawa were at 26 in the 6th over and the scoreboard had them as favourites to win. We were however, about to experience the best Heaton bowling effort in our proud history at nationals. Lexie took the ball as first change and bowled impeccable line and length to finish with the amazing figures of 3 overs 5 wickets for 2 runs (all bowled). This explains why Tawa were at 26-1 and to be all out for 36. I imagine Lexie greatly treasured getting out the bowler who got her out half an hour earlier. Ava took a catch off the bowling of Emily and we also executed a classy run out from a no ball – really quick thinking and clever play between Lexie and Emily.

Game 2 : Heaton 271/0 beat Ellesmere College 26 (7.3 overs)

Ellesmere kindly filled the space left by Kamo’s (Northern Districts) late withdrawal. It quickly became apparent that we were considerably stronger than them so the decision was made to give all the team a bat. Kate (12) and Lucy (53 in 24 balls) were given 6 overs to show what they could muster and they did well accumulating 81 runs. Lexie (79 in 28 balls) and Emily (18) put on 105 in their 6 overs. Lily (20) and Millie S (11) had 4 overs and scored 51 runs. This left Eden (2) and Ava (13) 4 overs but we only got 2 of them as time ran out.

We decided to bowl our year 7 girls with Aiofe (2-0-2) and Lily (2-0-7) opening the bowling. Success came with Millie M (1-1-14) claiming the first wicket. Then another bowling first was about to unfold – Emily D collected a hat trick in her only over 1/3/2. She bowled 2 of them and captain Lucy secured the hat trick with a regulation catch at cover. Lucy and Lexie also chipped in with a wicket maiden each. To top off a good fielding effort were 2 run outs at the keepers end with Lily and Emily combining well with Kate C to execute the run outs.   At the end of day one just Balmac and Heaton sat on 2 wins.

Game 3 : Balmacewen 42 lost to Heaton 44/5 in 11.4 overs

Balmac won the toss and elected to bat first on a good wicket at Lincoln Domain – a 5 minute drive from the Lincoln University grounds. Ava bowling the second over of the game, bowled the opener with a fully pitched swinging delivery. The teams best batter was still at the crease however did not look overly comfortable against Ava and Eden, who bowled fast and full. She survived this spell only to be caught and bowled by a Lexie full toss in the fifth over, leaving Belmac at 16/2. Lexie then removed the next batter first ball to leave them reeling at 16-3. The next 4 wickets were lost with the score on 26 with wickets by Ava and Lexie but the last wicket partnership was the best taking Balmac through to 42. Ava finished with 4 overs, 4 wickets for 5 runs and Lexie 4/3/11.

Heaton knew that they only needed to bat out their overs to win but we did not get off to the best start with the score at 2/2 before the second over had finished. Kate C was run out in the 5th over for 9 runs and the score at 19. The parents were getting a bit nervous and Balmac was buoyed by their early success. Soon after we lost 2 more wickets with easy catches off some slow bowling before Lexie and Ava steadied the ship and saw us home. Ava did well defending getting 1 off 14 but letting Lexie have the strike. Lexie played in my mind the best innings of the tournament putting aside her aggressive nature to ensure that she only hit bad balls and she scored the winning runs top scoring with 25* off 29 balls. We were now the only unbeaten side and so our thoughts turned to Remuera – our next game.

Game 4: Heaton 186/2  beat Remuera Intermediate 103 (19.2 overs)

Again we lost the toss but were asked to bat first. Winning this game almost ensured we would win the shield due to our superior run rate – even if we lost tomorrow. We got off to the best start of the tournament with Lucy being dismissed for 39 with the score of 86/1. This bought in Lexie who was itching to get to the crease and scored 53 off 29 balls before being retired. Kate C was bowled for 48 with the score on 164/2. Emily (7) and Lily (10) saw the score through to 186.

Remuera started well getting to 47 before they lost their first wicket (LBW bowled Lucy). It did however take 8.4 overs to get there, meaning that the game had already slipped out of their grasp. In the 10th over Lucy caught their best batter for 30 off the bowling of Lily Young. Lexie took a couple of run outs and we snared 3 catches in all (2 to captain Lucy and one to Emily). The batters slowly accumulated the score to 103 before being dismissed in the last over. Lily was the best of the bowlers with 2 wickets for 25.

Game 5 Heaton 122/3 beat Sacred Heart 29 (10.4 overs)

Heaton won the toss and elected to bat. Kate (36*) and Lucy (23) got us off to another great start getting us to 44 in the 8th over. Lexie accelerated the run rate with a quick fire 37 off 32 balls before Kate was retired and Lexie was bowled in the 17th over with the score at 111. This allowed us to give Kate S the opportunity to get a bat in her last game for Heaton – she scored a run a ball 6 before being bowled, bringing Emily and Lily to see off the last few overs and take the score to 122.

We were very confident now with our bowling stocks and having bowled every team out for the first time in our history – we decided to start off with our openers Eden (1 wicket) and Ava (2 wickets), before giving Aoife and Millie M (2 of our year 7s) a bowl, Aoife bowled well and Millie picked up 2 wickets for 2 runs.


Although many of the games were quite convincing wins – this is arguably the strongest bowling unit in our history. Lexie was in the form of her life with both the bat and ball – she won the tournament MVP. Eden won the team MVP for her part heading up the bowling attack and although she did not take lots of wickets – she did bowl incredibly well, tied up one end and was consistent all tournament. Captain Lucy was amazing leading the team on and off the field – her understanding of the game was beyond her years. She was also among the leading batters for the tournament.

This is now Heaton’s 6th national girls cricket title in 8 years (with a second last year). The team are already talking about coming back and defending their title in 2020. We have a good core of year 7’s who gained a lot of experience this year that will give them confidence next year.


Girls’ National Cricket Tournament 2019

A huge congratulations on qualifying for the 2019 National Tournament ladies, we are so excited to see you compete and are very proud of your achievements. Please ensure you read all the following information carefully, and contact Mr. Evers via email if you have any questions or concerns. Please be aware that some information may be subject to change so please check the blog regularly over the next week.

Tournament Dates: 

Students are required on the afternoon/evening of Wednesday 20th November (Opening Ceremony / Dinner), and the competition dates are Thursday 21st – Saturday 23rd November (inclusive)

Wednesday 20th November

All players are required to attend the pre-tournament function (Opening Ceremony and Players Dinner). The girls’ are required to meet  in the canteen foyer after school. At approx. 3:30 pm, Barry and Mrs Edge will transport the students out to Lincoln and will supervise them for the duration of the afternoon / early evening. Students will have an opportunity to walk around the venue, familiarise themselves with the grounds, and participate in an optional filmed session organised by Cricket NZ (consent notes will be distributed and must be returned if you would like to take this opportunity).

Students will not require any money, cricket equipment or specific gear on the Wednesday. Students must be wearing their Heaton PE uniform, Heaton hat and jacket (which will be supplied).

  • Managers/Coaches Meeting: 5:30pm @ Bert Sutcliffe Pavilion
  • Opening Ceremony: The opening ceremony will take place at the Lincoln University Food Hall after the pre-tournament meeting (6.15pm)
  • Players Dinner: There will be a BBQ Dinner at the Lincoln University Food Hall for all teams immediately after the opening ceremony (6.30pm). Food will be supplied by New Zealand Cricket.

At the conclusion of the dinner (approx. 7:15 pm), students will be transported back to school, where they can be collected from Heaton. Barry will send out a group text when we are leaving the venue so we can ensure prompt collection from school.

Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd November

All players are required to meet at the Heaton flagpole 8:00am each morning. We will be departing promptly at 8:15am so please contact Barry if you are stuck in traffic or have any concerns.

No lunch is required on competition days as this is supplied by NZ Cricket. We will provide healthy snacks, however all players must have a named drink bottle and sun tan lotion for all competition days.

Following Thursday and Fridays matches there will be team dinners and a debrief for the girls: Thursday evening @ Lexie’s and Friday evening @ Lucy’s.]

Heaton Supervision: Miss Caygill will be looking after the girls on Thursday, Mrs Edge on Friday, and Mr Evers on Saturday.

Saturday 23rd November

All players are required to meet at the Heaton flagpole 7:45am. We will be departing promptly at 7:55am so please contact Barry if you are stuck in traffic or have any concerns.

Again, no lunch is required on Saturday as this is supplied by NZ Cricket. We will provide healthy snacks, however all players must have a named drink bottle and sun tan lotion for all competition days.

  • Closing Ceremony: The closing ceremony will take place on completion of the final round of games. Teams need to make their way to outside the Bert Sutcliffe Pavilion promptly after their match. Following the closing ceremony there will be a dinner at Cam’s and all parents are welcome to attend.
Additional Important Information
  • All personal medication e.g. Ventolin, must be packed and with your daughter on each competition day.
  • All girls must bring any personal cricket equipment they require (bat, pads, gloves etc.) If you require any additional kit, please see Mr. Evers as he can assist with this
  • The team will compete in their new Heaton cricket polo, whites (trousers) and Heaton cap. Please ensure you also have your Heaton PE top with you just in case
  • Please ensure any additional snacks/drinks you provide are healthy i.e. no fizzy and no chewing gum
  • Mrs. Edge, Miss Caygill and Mr. Evers will be your Heaton contact/manager/support people. Please touch base with them if you have any questions or concerns leading up to or during the tournament
  • Live Scoring: All games will be live scored on the NZC application along with cricHQ. Please make sure you download one or both of these before the tournament begins
  • WhatsApp (Managers/Coaches): For each tournament Cricket NZ create a Whatsapp group. This provides a medium for questions to be asked and the answers be shared across all teams. If you don’t have it already, please download the app from your app store and in the coming days I will load you to the tournament group. Please feel free to ask any questions you have through the app.

Tournament Resources (please read carefully)
2019 Playing Conditions & Rules
National Primary School Shield Draw
National Primary School Shield Handbook 2019
Venues, Maps & Parking