Rock Climbing 2019

Rock Climbing Participation List 2019
Student Information
  • Every Tuesday, regardless of the weather, Rock Climbing students should meet in the canteen foyer and eat their lunch at 12:20pm
  • Students should be dressed in their P.E. gear and prepared to go straight home, as we may not return in time to go back to class to pack up. All the equipment is provided at the Roxx, but it can be very cold in the building so bring your jersey.
  • Transportation (either in a parent vehicle or the school van) will leave at 12:30
  • The lessons begin at 1:00pm or whenever everyone arrives. Sign in at the Roxx
  • At 2:30pm, students will gather outside the Roxx and return to school in parent transport or the school van.
  • Depending on the traffic, we will arrive back at school between 2:50pm and 3:00pm. If the bell has not rung, wait at the flagpole (or another spot we may designate later) until the bell has rung. If you are traveling with your family (who has provided transport), you may leave after dropping off other students.
  • Please contact Ms Green if you have any questions or concerns. Come to Room 5 or email at
Transporting Parent Information

Thank you for making this opportunity available to our students 🙂

The schedule is:

  • 12:30pm: Pick up at school
  • 12:50 – 1:00pm: Drop off at the Roxx, located at the corner of Waltham Road and Bryon Street. The door is on Bryon Street. Students can enter on their own.
  • 2:30pm: Pick up at the Roxx (Again, no need to enter, just pull to the side and students will jump in)
  • 2:50pm: Drop off at school near the flagpole. If later than 2:55pm, drop off at one of the 10 min carparks on Heaton Street and students can enter school grounds on their own. Once dismissal happens at 3 pm, it’s impossible to drive out of school until 3:15 because of student traffic. You and your child can depart after dropping off the other students.

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