Term 2 Korfball Tournament 2019

Date: Monday 1st July

Meeting Time: Students are required to meet Mr Evers in the hall promptly at 8:20am for the roll. Students can arrive to school in their PE uniform so they are ready for the tournament, and will not require their full school uniform to change into after the tournament has concluded

Transport: Students will be transported to/from the venue in our two Heaton vans. We are however requiring one parent/caregiver helper who can assist in dropping 3-4 student to the venue and bringing them back to school at the conclusion of the tournament. If you can assist in anyway, please contact Tim Evers via email (everst@heaton.school.nz)

Tournament Time: The tournament will run from 9:30am to approx. 2:30pm.

Venue: Cowles Stadium (210 Pages Road)

Participation List:

Heaton Green Team
Heaton Gold Team

Cost:Participation in this tournament will incur a cost that will be added to your school account. This cost covers tournament entry fees.

Equipment Requirements: Students are to ensure they are wearing their Heaton PE uniform when they arrive to school and have all of the following equipment:

  • All relevant medication e.g. ventolin
  • Water bottle
  • Packed lunch with plenty of healthy snacks
  • Warm jacket and/or tracksuit pants as it will be cold in the stadium when you are not playing

Tournament Organisation (Draw, Rules etc):

Korfball Tournament Information Draw, Rules and Information 2019

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