Aims 2019

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Air New Zealand Flights Details and Information

  • Departure: Sunday 8th September @ 10:00am (NZ 534)

Please ensure you meet Mr Evers at the airport promptly at 8:30am so we can check in without any stress. We have excess baggage with our hockey team so please be prompt. If you are running late for any reason, you must communicate with Mr Evers via his mobile number (which will be provided)

  • Return: Friday 13th September @ 9:00pm (NZ 575) – arriving in ChCh @ 10:25pm

Our Air New Zealand airfares include 1 x piece of checked in luggage (max. 23kg) and 1 x piece of carry on luggage (max. 7kg). Heaton will be providing a team backpack for each student to use for the duration of the AIMS tournament. This must be cleaned and returned to Mr Evers at the conclusion of the event.

What do I pack in my carry on luggage (Heaton backpack)?

  • 1 x set of team kit, wallet (with spending money), phone and a packed lunch with plenty of healthy snacks. Please ensure you also carry a water bottle for the trip

What do I pack in my main checked bag (soft-shell bags please…no big suitcases)?

  • Spare team kit and competition shoes
  • Small Gift / Token of appreciation for my billet family (ensure this is not fragile item that is small enough to be stored in your main luggage). A handwritten card is always great to accompany your gift
  • Toiletries
  • Togs and a beach towel
  • Clearly labelled Medication (if required)
  • Mobile phone charger
  • Waterproof / Wet weather jacket
  • Strapping tape and any other nik naks that you require for game days e.g. spare mouth guard, Ventolin etc.
  • Casual clothing (please ensure you have sufficient warm clothing as it can be cold at night)

What do I wear on the plane?

  • Tracksuit pants (blue or black if possible)
  • Heaton PE Shirt and Heaton Hoodie
  • Trainers

Additional Information / To do list

The Aims Games have created an online system for the collection of our medical and media forms for 2019. All parents/caregivers must complete their child’s medical and media waiver forms on the Aims Website

Parents don’t need a login, but they need to know their child’s date of birth to have access to complete/submit the form. If you are having trouble finding or submitting the form, there is a guide of step by step instructions that you can access using the link below:

  • Write a letter of appreciation or thank you card to any sponsor(s) that have offered you their financial assistance. Students may also wish to include a photo, as some business owners would like to display this in their office or place of work. Please see Mr Evers if you would like some assistance with this or have any questions
  • Take everything out of your kit bag and repack the night before to ensure you have all the required equipment. If possible, please do not bring a large suitcase as your check-in luggage. A soft-shell sports bag is a much better option.
  • On Sunday when we arrive, our team will head to Subway for an early meal (prior to the opening ceremony). Please ensure you have $10.00 to purchase your sub.
  • Please also ensure you have enough pocket money remaining at the end of your trip so you can buy yourself a takeaway dinner at the airport on Friday 13th September. We recommend you have approx. $15.00
  • If you have any concerns or worries during your stay, your first point of contact is the Heaton teachers who are responsible for you in Tauranga (Mr Evers, Mrs Newton, Mrs Dore and Mrs Seales). Our teachers are there to help and support you throughout the week.
  • Please store your billet families and the Heaton teachers contact numbers in your phone so you have this information ready to go when required.

Student Sponsorship

Throughout our many years of attending the AIMS Games, our Heaton athletes have received great support from local and national businesses, who have opted to sponsor individual students. When seeking sponsorship, please ensure you personalise and print a copy of our Heaton sponsorship letter (see above), and approach an individual or business in your school uniform. It is essential that the amount of sponsorship that you collect and receive, does not outweigh the cost of the trip. Please see Mr Evers if you would like some advice on how to approach potential sponsors, as we are here to help and support you with this process. You will be nervous when you first approach a business to ask for help, and you may receive a few knock-backs before somebody agrees to support you. The process of getting out to meet people is a fantastic learning experience, and any support you receive with decrease financial pressure on your family.

If you are one of our individual athletes, please ensure you keep all flight, accommodation and transport receipts (car hire etc.) as this information will be required by our school executive officer if you receive a sponsorship donation.

Accounts / Payment / Cost

  • The $250.00 deposit to secure your child’s involvement in the 2019 Aims Games Championships must be received by Friday 28th June

  • The remainder of the Aims Games account must paid in full by Friday 30th August. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this deadline, these must be communicated with our Executive Officer: Anne Marie (

Sport Risk Management

Risk Management guides for each sporting code can be accessed using the following link:

2019 Aims Games Sport Rams Forms

Coaches, Managers and Players must ensure they read this information thoroughly.

Sporting Code Venues (Maps)

Sporting Code Venues (Maps, Parking etc.) can be accessed using the following link:

2019 Aims Games Sports Venues (Maps)

Fair Play Promise (Athletes / Coaches / Parents / Supporters)

2019 Aims Games Fair Play Promise

Individual Athlete Resources
Basketball Resources
Hockey Resources

Additional Information for Parents and Participants

  • Livestream Guide (Access via Aims Website)