Canterbury Aims Athletics Championships 2018

The 2018 Canterbury Aims Athletics Championships were a huge success for our Heaton representative team. This year was a big treat for our athletes who had the opportunity to compete at the newly developed Nga Puna Wai Athletics Facility. We are extremely proud of all students who earned the right to represent our school at this year’s event and would like to congratulate you on your fantastic achievements, team spirit, attitude, and sportsmanship. We would like to recognise the following students who finished in the top three of their respective events. What an amazing effort! A big thank you must also go out to Mr. Cooper, Ms. Stace, Mrs. Smith, and Reece for their support in making this event possible.

Year 7 Girls

  • Kate C (2nd – 1500m)
  • Lily W (2nd – Long Jump)
  • Hannah S (3rd – 100m)

Year 7 Boys

  • Hamish G (3rd – 1500m)
  • Hamish G (3rd – High Jump)
  • James M (2nd – Shot Put)
  • James M (2nd – High Jump)
  • Josh T (1st – 800m)
  • Josh T (3rd – 100m)
  • Ollie S (3rd – 800m)
  • Walter S (1st – High Jump) – New Record
  • Walter 3 (3rd – Discus)
  • Heaton Intermediate (1st – 4 x 100m Relay)

Year 8 Girls

  • Izzi L (1st – Discus)
  • Izzi L (1st – Shot Put)
  • Lucy M (3rd – High Jump)
  • Heaton Intermediate (3rd – 4 x 100m Relay)

Year 8 Boys

  • Max H (2nd – High Jump)
  • Max H (2nd – Discus)
  • Bronson R (2nd – Long Jump)
  • Harry K (2nd – Discus)
  • Phonse C (2nd – 800m)
  • Heaton Intermediate (1st – 4 x 100m Relay)


  • Ryan S (2nd – Boys Shot Put)
  • Ryan S (3rd – Boys Discus)
  • Ryan S (1st – 100m)
  • Jack D (1st – Boys Discus)
  • Jack D (2nd – 100m)

Canterbury AIMS Athletics Championships – 2018

Congratulations on being selected to represent our school at the 2018 CAIMS Athletics Championships, Please ensure you read the following information carefully and show your parents/caregivers, so you are both up to speed about all event details.


VENUE: Nga Puna Wai


Heaton Athletics Team (w/events & relays) 2018

MEETING TIME: Students are required to meet promptly at 7:30am in the Heaton Hall. Students will be transported to/from the venue in a coach. If your parents/caregivers would like to transport you to the venue in a private vehicle, you must inform Mr. Evers via email ( before 5pm on Wednesday 21st November.


  • The stands and the grass area on either side of the stands are out of bounds (no students are to enter this area)
  • There are new plants next to the equipment sheds (this area is also out of bounds)

COST: Participation in this tournament will incur a cost that covers transportation to/from the venue (if applicable). This cost will be added to your school account.


  • Heaton PE Kit (w / Heaton cap)
  • Packed lunch with healthy snacks
  • Appropriate footwear
  • School jersey in the event of colder weather
  • Water bottle
  • All relevant personal medication e.g. Ventolin, Epipen


Athletics Championships 2018 – Event Rules and Tournament Information
CAIMS Athletics Programme 2018
Rules for using Athletics Track @ Nga Puna Wai
NPW Athletic Track Map
Sport Code of Conduct (CARE)

Heaton Athletics Days 2018

DISTANCE RACES (800m & 1500m)
The distance races dates and times have now been confirmed and these will take place before school (7:45am) on the following days:
  • 1500m Races (Year 7 and 8 Boys & Girls) on Monday 5th November @ STAC
  • 800m Races (Year 7 and 8 Boys & Girls) on Tuesday 6th November @ STAC
Distance Races 2018 – Who is Registered?

Please meet Mr. Evers at STAC (Circuit St entrance). Students should arrive in their Heaton PE kit and have a water bottle, appropriate footwear, and all personal medication e.g. Ventolin. Please contact Mr Evers via email if you have any questions or concerns

All important details about our 2018 Heaton Athletics Days can be found below. Please read this information carefully and check in regularly, as any alterations will be highlighted in red
  • Year 8: Wednesday 31st October @ STAC
  • Year 7: Thursday 1st November @ STAC
  • Weather Contingency Day: Friday 2nd November @ STAC

MEETING TIMES: An earlier 8:30am bell will sound on both days and students/teachers are to promptly make their way to their Heaton classrooms for registration. After Linc-Ed has been completed, teachers will accompany their class to the St Andrew’s field (via Circuit St). Please position your houses in the designated area close to the track. After a short briefing, the first events will be the House 4 x 100m relays.

FINISHING TIME / ORGANISATION: The day is scheduled to finish at 1:00pm. Students will be transitioned back to Heaton by their class teacher and they will have an opportunity for a lunch break until 1:45pm. This break will be supervised by specialist teachers, and students will be restricted to using the grass areas outside rooms 1-10 and the room 11/12 court. At 1:45pm, students will then return to their classroom for the remainder of the afternoon.

UNIFORM: Students are to compete in their Heaton PE uniform (PE shorts please), with the option of wearing a house coloured t-shirt and accessories. The House Colours have been outlined below for your convenience.

Elmwood (Green)Rhodes (Black) / Otahuna (Yellow) /Tikao (Blue)/Purau (Purple) Lansdowne (Red)

Students must arrive at school in their PE Kit and colours so they are ready to compete. Please note that our Heaton Athletics day is not a mufti day, so jeans and non-athletic casual wear is not permitted. Students can transition home in their PE uniforms, so bringing full school uniform will not be required.

EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS (what to bring?): All students must ensure they have the following items

  • Packed lunch with healthy snacks (N.B. students cannot leave the venue to purchase or collect food from the school canteen)
  • N.B. Spikes cannot be worn at our school athletics days
  • Water bottle
  • Heaton hat
  • Suitable PE footwear (no flip flops etc.)
  • Sun protection
  • All relevant personal medication e.g. Ventolin, epipen

SCHEDULE: Parents/caregivers/family members are very welcome to come along to support your son/daughter. Please note, the following schedule may be subject to minor changes throughout the day so please consider this when planning arrival times.

Heaton Athletics Day Event Schedule 2018

N.B Track events (60m, 100m, 200m races) get priority over field events (jumping and throwing disciplines). If you are called to marshall for a track event, please let the teacher(s) in charge of your field event know that you will be leaving to run your race and that you will return to complete your field event asap.

SPORTS LEADER ORGANISATION & RESPONSIBILITIES: Our Heaton Sports Leaders will be helping set up, coordinate and pack up our school athletics days. Year 7 Sports Leaders will be helping on Wednesday (Year 8 Event), and Year 8 Sports Leaders will be helping on Thursday (Year 7 Event). Please check the document below so you are aware of your specific duties

Sports Leader Roles 2018

Sports leaders are required to meet Mr. Evers directly at the venue (St Andrew’s track), promptly at 7:45am so they can assist with set-up. Please ensure you bring everything you need with you e.g. packed lunch, as you will not be returning to school until the end of the athletics day. If you are unable to attend for any reason e.g. sickness, you must communicate this with Mr. Evers via email asap


Staff Duty Roster 2018

Hats Off to our Heaton Athletics Team

This years Canterbury AIMS Athletics Championships were a huge success for our representative team. All students that took part should be extremely proud of their efforts, and the positive way in which they  represented our school community.

This event provided an opportunity for our students to measure their skills against the top athletes from a variety of Intermediate and Middle Schools across Canterbury. We are delighted to recognise the brilliant achievements of the whole Heaton team (70 pupils total).

A special congratulations however, must also go out to the following students identified below, who finished in the top three of their event(s). What an amazing achievement!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our parents, caregivers, and family members who came out to support the team, and our teachers (Miss Nattrass & Ms Green) for their great contributions. This event would not be possible without your help and dedication.

Top Three Finishes 2017

Year 7

  • Izzi L (Rm 2): 1st – Shot Put & 3rd – High Jump
  • Isabella B (Rm 6): 1st – 100m
  • Girls 4 x 100m Relay: 2nd
  • Max H (Rm 19): 2nd – High Jump & 3rd – Discus
  • Jack D (Rm 5): 2nd – Shot Put & 3rd – Discus (AWD)

Year 8

  • Zara C.T (Rm 14): 1st – Shot Put
  • Ella M.H (Rm 14): 1st – 100m & 2nd – 200m
  • Asher P.B (Rm 4): 2nd – 100m & 2nd – 200m
  • Tom R (Rm 4): 2nd – 800m
  • Paris C (Rm 4): 2nd – 800m & 2nd – 1500m
  • Jordan B (Rm 7): 2nd – High Jump
  • George H (Rm 7): 3rd – 100m
  • Max A (Rm 10): 2nd – Shot Put
  • Anton H (Rm 12) 3rd – 60m (AWD)
  • Girls 4 x 100m Relay: 1st
  • Boys 4 x 100m Relay: 1st
  • Open 8 x 50m Relay: 2nd

Ashburton Athletics Event Postponed

Attention Students and Caregivers

We have just received word that Primary Sports Canterbury have postponed tomorrows athletics meet, due to expected poor weather.

The event will now take place this Thursday 23rd November. All other event details will remain the same (meeting times, schedules etc.)

Can you please contact Tim Evers ( if you have any questions or concerns. Can you also please let me know if you will still be providing transport for your son/daughter to and from the venue.

Canterbury AIMS Athletics Event – 2017

Please ensure you read your email carefully, and familiarise yourself with the following information you are up to speed about the tournament details.

  • DATE: THURSDAY 23rd November
  • VENUE: Ashburton Domain
  • MEETING TIME: Students travelling to the venue in the coach / Heaton van, are required to meet promptly at 7:00am in the Heaton Hall. If your parents / caregivers would like to transport you to the venue in a private vehicle, you must inform Mr Evers via email (
  • COST: Participation in this tournament will incur a cost that covers transportation to/from the venue. This cost will be added to your school account.
  1. Heaton PE Kit (w/Heaton cap)
  2. Packed lunch with healthy snacks
  3. Appropriate footwear
  4. School jersey for colder weather
  5. Water bottle
  6. All relevant personal medication e.g. ventolin, epipen

Athletics Information 2017

Athletics Programme 2017

Heaton Participation List With Events 2017

Staff Responsibilities