2019 Basketball Training Schedule

  • Before school (7:40am): Hawks and Hammerheads Combined Training (Tim)
  • Lunch (12:45pm): Harriers and Herons Combined Training (Tim)


  • Before school (7:40am): Hawks (Tim)
  • After school (3:15pm): Hurricanes (Guy/Eamon)
  • Lunch (12:45pm): Hammerheads (Tim)
  • Lunch (12:45pm): Hyenas (Boss)
  • After school (3:15pm): Hornets (Connor)
  • After school (3:15pm): Huskies (Jacob)


  • Lunch (12:45pm): Harriers and Herons Combined Training (Tim)

Students have an expectation to attend their weekly training session and coaches will be keeping an attendance register. If you cannot attend your training session, you must email your coach to let them know, and try to make the training session of your buddy team (please see below):

Buddy Teams

  • Hornets and Huskies
  • Hurricanes and Hyenas
  • Hawks and Hammerheads
  • Harriers and Herons

Coach Emails (if you cannot attend a training or game, please email)

  • Mr Evers (Hawks, Hammerheads, Harriers, Herons) – everst@heaton.school.nz
  • Mr Phanpho (Hyenas) – phanphob@heaton.school.nz
  • Hornets (Connor) – cne8958@stacmail.net
  • Huskies (Jacob) – HowisonJI17@student.cbhs.school.nz
  • Hurricanes (Guy & Eamon) – gda0454@stacmail.net & ene2775@stacmail.net

Basketball Draws

Please select the link below to access the weekly Bishopdale Basketball Draw. Students must arrive 15 minutes before tip off so they can meet with your coaches.

If you are unable to make a game, you must communicate this with Mr Evers via email (everst@heaton.school.nz) so your coaches are aware of how many students will be in attendance.

Remember to bring your mouthguard each week, as players will not be taking the court without it.

Final Basketball Games 2019

A reminder that students must hand in their basketball singlet following their game (except for the Heaton Hawks and Heaton Harriers). 

Heaton Basketball Teams 2019

A huge thank you to all students who registered and took part in basketball trials over the last few weeks. The attitude and performances were fantastic and we are really excited for the season ahead.

As I mentioned at trials, if you were unsuccessful in making a team this year and you are still very interested in taking part, please come and see Mr Evers and he can link you with a team to train with. This way, if we have any injuries, illness or absences there may be scope for you to play some Friday evening games.

Heaton Basketball Teams 2019


The first week of trainings will be combined so we can finalise a few details. Please look at the schedule below so you are aware of when and where you need to meet next week.

  • Monday 6th May before school (7:45am, Heaton Hall) – Hawks and Hammerheads
  • Monday 6th May @ lunchtime (12:45pm, Heaton Hall) – All girls players
  • Wednesday 8th May before school (7:45am, Heaton Hall) – Huskies and Hornets
  • Wednesday 8th May @ lunchtime (12:45pm, Heaton Hall) – Hyenas and Hurricanes


Weekly Basketball Draw

Please ensure you access the following link so you are aware of your first game times. Students are required to meet their coaches court-side, 15 minutes prior to their scheduled game. If you are unable to attend a game for any reason or are experiencing difficulties with transportation, you must see Mr Evers or your coach.

Basketball Draw Week 12 – Finals

Can all players (except for the Heaton Hawks and Harriers) please ensure you bring a spare T-Shirt so you can return your basketball singlet to Mr Evers after you game. A huge thank you to Mr Phanpho, Jacob and Connor for their amazing efforts this year. Your dedication has been nothing less than extraordinary. Congratulations to all teams for some great improvements as the season has progressed.

Basketball Training Schedule

The basketball training schedule has been confirmed (please see below). Please ensure you attend your weekly session(s), and communicate with your coach if you are sick or unable to make a training. Please see Mr Evers if you have any questions or concerns.

Heaton Hawks (Boys A) – Mr Evers

  • Monday Lunch (12:45pm – 1:20pm) – Hall
  • Wednesday Morning (7:45am – 8:30am) – Hall

Heaton Hammerheads (Boys B) – Mr Phanpho

  • Wednesday After School (3:00pm – 4:00pm) – Hall
  • Thursday Morning (7:45am – 8:30am) – Hall

Heaton Hornets – Jacob Howison

  • Tuesday After School (3:00pm – 4:00pm) – Hall

Heaton Huskies – Connor Newton

  • Monday After School (3:15pm – 4:00pm) – Hall

Heaton Hurricanes & Hyenas Basketball – Mr Evers & Mr Phanpho

  • Wednesday Lunch (12:45pm – 1:20pm ) – Hall

Heaton Harriers (Girls A) – Mr Evers

  • Thursday Morning (7:45am – 8:30am) – Hall
  • Thursday After School (3:00pm – 4:00pm) – Hall

Heaton Herons – Mr Evers

  • Friday Lunchtime (12:45 – 1:20pm) – Hall

Heaton Basketball 2018

Mr Phanpho, Jacob, Connor and myself would like to thank all of our students who registered their interest, and attended basketball trials last term. Your efforts and enthusiasm was infectious, and we cannot wait to begin the season in week 2.

Please access the information letter below, read it carefully, and ensure you show your parents/caregivers. All important information about the competition has been outlined (dates, cost, equipment requirements etc.). If for any reason you no longer wish to take part, please contact Mr Evers via email before Friday 4th April so the opportunity can be offered to another passionate student.

Structured training times and team meetings will be finalised early next week, and these will be posted on the Sport Blog, so please ensure you check in regularly.

Information and Payment Letter 2018
Heaton Basketball Teams 2018


2018 Basketball Trials

Registrations for Basketball trials are now open. Please access the ‘Trial and Event Registration Tab’ for more details. You must register your interest before 5:00pm on Sunday 25th March.

Please email Mr Evers (everst@heaton.school.nz) if you have any questions

2017 Competition

This year we will be now entering 8 teams in the Bishopdale YMCA competition which runs for 12 weeks on Friday nights in term 2 and 3. The first games are on 12th May and every team will have at least one training before their first game. A regular training schedule will be established when the teams for other codes have been selected.Students will play in their PE shorts and basketball top which be given out before the first game. All players must have a mouth guard to play, this is compulsory requirement from Basketball NZ and there can be no exceptions.

2017 Teams

This years teams are below. Thank you to all of you who trialled and if you missed out keep working at it as there is always next year. Practices will be announced in the notices and a letter will be going home shortly (access the letter here) which needs to be signed and returned to secure your place in the team.  The following link will take you to the Google sheet for easier reading of the teams. (2017 Basketball Teams)


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