New Student Information (F.A.Q)

We are very excited to welcome you to our wonderful school and want your transition into Heaton to be as smooth as possible. Please find a range of information below that we hope will make you aware of the sporting opportunities we provide in term one, and how things work at Heaton. If you have any further questions about our sport programme, please check in with your class teacher or contact Mr Evers (

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out about upcoming sports events, competitions, training session times or things I can get involved in?

Sporting opportunities will be advertised in the Heaton daily notices. The daily notices will be shared in your class at the beginning of each day. There are times however when reading the notices may not possible, so it is your personal responsibility to ensure you check these either at home the night before, or on your personal or class device when you arrive. The Heaton daily notices can be accessed via the Heaton website or by  using the following link:

Teachers and coaches may also email through sporting opportunities and event information to your school gmail account. It is also your personal responsibility to check your email once per day (during school days).

There is a PE notice board outside room 5, where community sport notices will also be shared. Please check in regularly to make yourself aware of any additional opportunities that are available to you.

If you have any questions or concerns throughout the term, please check in with a year 8 student, sport leader, peer support leader, class teacher or Mr Evers as we are all here to help you, and guide you through the process.

How do I sign up for an event, sports trials or express my interest in a competition?

All sign ups and expressions of interest for sporting events at Heaton are done online, via a google form. Sign up forms will be uploaded to the ‘Trial and Event Registrations’ tab of our SportsBlog. If you want to register for an event, trial or competition you have to do so within a particular timeframe. These deadlines are in place as schools need enough time to register teams, organise teacher release, complete risk assessment forms, coordinate trials, liaise with parents etc.

The sign ups and expression of interest forms for term one will be uploaded to the sport blog on Tuesday 4th February. Please remember that each sport, tournament or activity has different deadlines for registering, so please read  the information carefully

If you are having trouble signing up for an event, have any questions with the process or do not know what to do, you must check in with your class teacher and/or Mr Evers to ask for help. When you sign up for an event you will have to provide your school or personal email address. This is because you will receive confirmation that your expression of interest has been received (so you will know that you have filled in the form correctly). If you make a mistake on your first submitted form or preference, just submit another entry and Mr Evers will delete your first, incorrect response.

Learning how to be meet deadlines and be organised is an important part of attending an Intermediate school. Late entries and expressions of interest will not be accepted, so please ensure you are independent and take responsibility.

Can I sign up or register for lots of different events?

As long as sporting events are not scheduled on the same day at the same time, you are encouraged and welcome to sign up for lots of different opportunities at Heaton. E.g. If you would like to take part in both the Friday night water polo competition and the Wednesday morning Korfball sessions, you are very welcome to do so. It is important  however, that you read all sports/event rules and information carefully, as some activities involve paying a registration fee, have a weekly cost, happen outside of school hours, or have limited participation spaces available.

What do I do if I don’t make a team or miss out on an opportunity?

Feeling upset and disappointed for missing out on a sporting opportunity or not making a particular team is a reaction that is completely natural. It shows us coaches and teachers what this event or opportunity meant to you, and gives us an insight into your desire, passion and interests.

We will all feel disappointment at one stage or another along our sporting journey. Setbacks are inevitable in anything worthwhile achieving. What is really important in this process is looking at how we can learn and develop from our disappointments. We want you to develop the resilience to use your setbacks to give you extra motivation, and the drive to work harder and come back even stronger.

When you experience disappointment, the first thing at Heaton we encourage you to do is point the thumb, rather that the finger (don’t blame others or complain).

Use your energy to reflect, communicate and plan. Speak with your Heaton coach and class teacher about how you are feeling, and ask those really important questions:

  • What do I need to continue to work on to improve my performance?
  • How can I get better at this part of my game?
  • How can I continue to strengthen and develop those things that I am good at?
  • What am I going to do next time to improve my outcome or result?
  • What is my next goal and how can I go about achieving it?
  • Is there anything that I could have done differently to improve my chance of success?

If you have never approached a coach or teacher by yourself to seek feedback, it will be a challenge. Doing something for the first time is never easy, however by taking ownership and being independent, you will be empowered to make change and improve. Coaches love it when players ask for feedback and advice!

Whats is happening in Term One – 2020

Heaton Swimming Sports 

Heaton’s school swimming sport competition takes place at Christs College, on Tuesday 25th February. This event is not compulsory, however we encourage and recommend students to get involved so you can have fun and earn points for your Heaton house. Students will be able to register for their specific events online at our ‘Trial and Event Registrations’ tab. The 25m events are designed for our students who are beginners or have very little experience, whilst our 50m events are for more confident and competent swimmers.

Based on the results of our school event, a representative Heaton team will be selected to compete in the annual Canterbury AIMS Inter-Schools Swimming Championships (held on Tuesday 31st March @ the Selwyn Aquatic Centre)


Korfball takes place at Heaton before school on Wednesday mornings (7:45am – 8:30am), and runs for the entire school year. Korfball is open to males and females in both year 7 and 8. All students are welcome and encouraged to register, and join our Heaton training squad.

When expressions of interest are closed, our Heaton Korfball Co-ordinators will make a decision about whether we need to run trials, or if participation numbers allow all students to take part.

There are opportunities for students to represent our school in Korfball, as there are four inter-school tournaments that take place throughout the year (one per term). Heaton representative teams will be selected based on student commitment and participation (who attends weekly training sessions). The Korfball programme is coordinated by Mrs Earl & Miss Nattrass. Some lunchtime taster sessions will be made available in term one so you can meet year 8 students who played last year, and have a go at the sport if you have not played before. Following our taster sessions, a term one sign up form will be uploaded to our ‘Trial and Event Registrations’ tab.


The Inter-Schools Duathlon is open to both year 7 and year 8 students. The event takes place on Monday 23rd March, at the Ruapuna Raceway. Our school is limited to entering twelve Yr.7 (any gender combination) and twelve Yr.8 students (any gender combination). Please express your interest by accessing the ‘Trial and Event Registrations’ tab and completing the google form.

The Duathlon consists of a 2km run, 9km bike and final 1km run. In the event that we are over subscribed (more than 12 students want to participate in a particular year level), students will be selected based on experience and/or trial times (more information to follow if required).

Water Polo

Heaton enters multiple teams into the termly after school Canterbury Water Polo competitions. There is an A/B Grade (Full Pool) Competition which takes place on Monday evenings, and a C/D/E Grade (1/2 Pool) Competition which takes place on Friday evenings. There will be a term one expression of interest form made available on our ‘Trial and Event Registrations’ tab so please check this information carefully.

Water Polo is coached by parent/caregiver helpers, and/or ex Heaton students that played during their time at school. Teams are mixed gender, and there are opportunities for both experienced and beginners to take part across both year levels. You do not have to have played water polo before to be in a Friday evening team, however you must be a confident swimmer and be able to tread water.

The Heaton A team this year will be selected based on a trial, and there may be an option to enter an additional Monday evening (full pool) team if numbers allow.

Girls National Cricket Qualification (9-a-side hard ball)

Year 7 and 8 girls can register to trial for our Heaton 1st XI Cricket Team (hardball cricket). This selected team will compete in the annual Primary School Nationals Cricket campaign, starting with a two day qualification tournament (March – Dates T.B.C). Although it helps with confidence, students do not have to have competitive hard ball cricket experience to trial. Many of our past players have been confident hockey, softball or tennis players who have good hand eye coordination or players that have experience playing tennis ball cricket.

There will be trials that take place after school (beginning in week 2), as our coach is an ex Heaton parent who has work commitments. These dates will be advertised on the sign up sheet and in the school daily notices. An expression of interest form will be made available on our ‘Trial and Event Registrations’ tab.

Boys National Cricket Qualification (9-a-side hard ball)

Year 8 Boys only, can register to trial for our Heaton 1st XI Cricket Team (hardball cricket). This selected team will compete in the annual Primary School Nationals Cricket campaign, starting with a two day qualification tournament (March – Dates T.B.C). There will be trials that will take place both before and after school. These dates will be advertised in the school daily notices. An expression of interest form will be made available on our ‘Trial and Event Registrations’ tab.

Summer Tournament Day (Inter-Schools Competition) – Year 8 Only

The Summer Tournament Day is a one day (inter-schools) event that takes place on Tuesday 10th March. The following sports are on offer: Boys Cricket, Girls Cricket, Tennis (you must register for the Heaton Tennis Champs to be considered), Touch, Softball, Golf, Orienteering and Lawn Bowls. Some sports do have entry restrictions due to available facilities e.g. cricket pitches. We also may have to cap team numbers at a certain number due to available adult helpers and coaches.

Our school always registers as many teams as possible into tournaments as we want you to be playing, competing and improving. If you have a parent/caregiver who is passionate about sport and who would like to assist in a coaching or supervising role, please encourage them to email Mr Evers (

As there are only a few weeks of school before the Summer Tournament, students can register their interest for one sport only. This will provide our teachers with enough time to coordinate trials and to run training sessions prior to the 10th March. The Summer Tournament is open to Year 8 Students Only. Please note, if you would like to be considered for the Heaton Tennis Team, you must register for the Heaton Tennis Championships as that will be our trial and selection process.

Heaton Tennis Championships

The Heaton Tennis Championships take place at the Elmwood Tennis Club (next door to school). Interested students will have to register their interest by filling our a google form, which will be available on our ‘Trial and Event Registrations’ tab.

Our Tennis Championships run during the school day on Thursday 20th February, and students will compete in a Consolation Tournament (each students gets a minimum of two matches). The length and structure of the tournament matches will be determined once our participation numbers are finalised. Students must have their own racquet for this event and will be seeded based on their level of experience.

Please note, this competition is not suitable for complete beginners (it is for students who are social players or who play and compete for a club)