Rock Climbing 2019

Rock Climbing Participation List 2019
Student Information
  • Every Tuesday, regardless of the weather, Rock Climbing students should meet in the canteen foyer and eat their lunch at 12:20pm
  • Students should be dressed in their P.E. gear and prepared to go straight home, as we may not return in time to go back to class to pack up. All the equipment is provided at the Roxx, but it can be very cold in the building so bring your jersey.
  • Transportation (either in a parent vehicle or the school van) will leave at 12:30
  • The lessons begin at 1:00pm or whenever everyone arrives. Sign in at the Roxx
  • At 2:30pm, students will gather outside the Roxx and return to school in parent transport or the school van.
  • Depending on the traffic, we will arrive back at school between 2:50pm and 3:00pm. If the bell has not rung, wait at the flagpole (or another spot we may designate later) until the bell has rung. If you are traveling with your family (who has provided transport), you may leave after dropping off other students.
  • Please contact Ms Green if you have any questions or concerns. Come to Room 5 or email at
Transporting Parent Information

Thank you for making this opportunity available to our students 🙂

The schedule is:

  • 12:30pm: Pick up at school
  • 12:50 – 1:00pm: Drop off at the Roxx, located at the corner of Waltham Road and Bryon Street. The door is on Bryon Street. Students can enter on their own.
  • 2:30pm: Pick up at the Roxx (Again, no need to enter, just pull to the side and students will jump in)
  • 2:50pm: Drop off at school near the flagpole. If later than 2:55pm, drop off at one of the 10 min carparks on Heaton Street and students can enter school grounds on their own. Once dismissal happens at 3 pm, it’s impossible to drive out of school until 3:15 because of student traffic. You and your child can depart after dropping off the other students.

Basketball Draws

Please select the link below to access the weekly Bishopdale Basketball Draw. Students must arrive 15 minutes before tip off so they can meet with your coaches.

If you are unable to make a game, you must communicate this with Mr Evers via email ( so your coaches are aware of how many students will be in attendance.

Remember to bring your mouthguard each week, as players will not be taking the court without it.

Basketball Draw – 14th June

2019 Weekly Winter Sport Teams & Initial Information

I would like to recognise the fantastic efforts from all of our Heaton students who trialled for a weekly winter sport team this year, and our dedicated teachers/coaches who coordinated the sessions. If you are named in a squad, your specific team will be decided over the course of the next week, and this will be communicated to you by your coaches before the first game. If you have been named in a team however no longer wish to take part, or discover that your name has been listed in multiple teams, please email Mr Evers asap ( so alterations can be made.

Confirmed 2019 Heaton Teams

Mr Evers is currently in negotiation with some outside sport providers (rugby, netball, yoga, youth-town etc.), so we can offer some specialist sport programmes for students who will be remaining back at school on Tuesday afternoons. Any student who has missed out on selection or who did not register for trials will have the option of signing up for these specific programmes later this week. School sport programmes will also be coordinated during this time for any student who would prefer this option.

As soon as all of our teams are finalised, a blog post will be created that outlines meeting times, equipment requirements, venues, maps, rules, costs etc. so please ensure you check in regularly this week so you are prepared for our start on Tuesday 14th May.

Heaton Basketball Teams 2019

A huge thank you to all students who registered and took part in basketball trials over the last few weeks. The attitude and performances were fantastic and we are really excited for the season ahead.

As I mentioned at trials, if you were unsuccessful in making a team this year and you are still very interested in taking part, please come and see Mr Evers and he can link you with a team to train with. This way, if we have any injuries, illness or absences there may be scope for you to play some Friday evening games.

Heaton Basketball Teams 2019


The first week of trainings will be combined so we can finalise a few details. Please look at the schedule below so you are aware of when and where you need to meet next week.

  • Monday 6th May before school (7:45am, Heaton Hall) – Hawks and Hammerheads
  • Monday 6th May @ lunchtime (12:45pm, Heaton Hall) – All girls players
  • Wednesday 8th May before school (7:45am, Heaton Hall) – Huskies and Hornets
  • Wednesday 8th May @ lunchtime (12:45pm, Heaton Hall) – Hyenas and Hurricanes


Term 2 Water Polo 2019

Please access the following links below to check the team that you will be playing for this term. The Full Pool Monday Evening Heaton Teams will remain the same as last term, however there are a number of changes for the Friday Evening Half Pool Teams.

All weekly results and draws are posted on the Canterbury Water Polo website: and will be advertised in the school daily noticesIt is the responsibility of students to ensure they check the weekly draw and be poolside at least 15 minutes prior to your game start time so you can meet your coaches.

Where possible please arrive to games wearing your Heaton PE shirt over the top of your togs, so you are easily recognisable for your coaches.

If you are unable to attend a game, please communicate this with Mr Evers via email ( and/or Vanessa (Heaton A Team). This way we can ensure we have sufficient numbers for each game, and can organise replacement players if required.

Friday Night Competition Dates:

  • Friday 3rd May (first week back at school in term 2)
  • Friday 10th May
  • Friday 17th May
  • Friday 31st May
  • Friday 7th June
  • Friday 14th June
  • Friday 21st June
  • Friday 28th June

Monday Night Competition Dates:


  • Monday 6th May
  • Monday 13th May
  • Monday 20th May
  • Monday 27th May
  • Monday 10th June
  • Monday 17th June
  • Monday 24th June
  • Monday 1st July

Mt Huxster’s Mountain Bike Race 2019

The Mt Huxter’s MTB race mission states that they want to get people riding bikes everyday, and always be happy when on a bike. We think the pictures above support this one hundred percent!

A huge congratulations to all of our Heaton competitors who braved the bitter cold and heavy rain to compete in the 2019 Mt Huxter’s Mountain Bike Challenge. The results of our Heaton athletes can be found below, with the first number indicating their overall placing in an individual or pairs respective races.

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 9.55.45 PM

Inter-Schools Duathlon 2019


Congratulations to all 24 Heaton students who competed brilliantly in the 2019 Inter-Schools Duathlon. There were a record number of participants in this event so competition was at an all time high. We would also like to recognise the notable performances of the following students, who finished in the top 10 of their respective races:

Year 7 Boys 

  • Josh D (34 minutes 27 seconds) – 8th Overall

Year 8 Boys

  • Hamish G (30 minutes 48 seconds) – 8th Overall
  • Will H (30 minutes 59 seconds) – 9th Overall

Year 8 Girls

  • Kate C (33 minutes 38 seconds) – 10th Overall

For a full results list, please select the following link: 2019 Duathlon Results