Sport Leaders

2020 Heaton Sports Leaders

Please access the links below to find both the Padder Tennis and Lunchtime Sports Equipment Rosters. You will have two lunchtime duties every month, and it is your responsibility to ensure you are organised and complete these.

If you have a sports training, club etc. on your scheduled day, you must touch base with your coach or teacher in-charge via email or in person to inform them that you have responsibilities and cannot attend.

Lunchtime Sports Equipment Roster 2020
Lunchtime Padder Tennis Roster 2020

Summer Weekly Sport Helpers 2020

Sports Leaders will have the responsibility of helping our teachers coordinate trials (set-up / referee duties / pack up etc). Please ensure you check in with the teacher in charge of the sporting code you have been assigned to, and check the daily notices for trial days and meeting times

Sport Leaders Helpers (Summer Weekly) – Sorted by Code