Teaching Resources

STEP – Differentiation in PE
STEP – Differentiation How To Guide
Useful Websites and Online Resources
Sport Plan – You can join for free and access some interactive resources for skills, drills etc.
PE Central – Range of lesson ideas for various disciplines
Fitness & Warm Up Games
ACE – Warm Up Games & Tabloid Station Cards
Rock Paper Scissors War
Bump Tag
UK Athletics Coaching Website – Teacher Resources and Lesson Sequences
Long Jump Technique
High Jump Technique
Jumping Drills and Technique
Shot Put Technique
Discus Technique
Sprint Technique
Running Drills and Technique – One
Running Drills and Technique – Two
Baton Exchange Technique
Invasion Games – Communication / Teamwork / Spatial Awareness
Bag the Bean Bag
Slide Tag
Star Wars Tag
Cross Over
Passing/Receiving and Control GamesĀ 
Guard The Pin
Catch Five
Steal the Ball
Perfect Pass
Football Frenzy
Team Passing Drill – Changing Speed & Direction
5 Variation Football – Passing and Receiving Skills
Hula Knockout (Dribbling Control 1)
Pirates (Dribbling Control 2)
Bullseye (Overarm Throwing 1)
Mat Ball (Overarm Throwing 2)